During my last trip to Italy In Montefalco region, I came to visit Di Filippo. I totally felt in love with this place.

A story on the Umbrian wine scene, resulting from two generations of winemakers who have dedicated themselves with a passion for the land combining organic and biodynamic methods. Roberto Di Filippo, which I met several times during the week I was there, works closely with nature and animals to craft some of the best of Montefalco wines. He defines himself as a farmer and not only a wine producer, I understood well when I saw all the things he is doing with the team working on the estate. A real sense of place in the wines, which you understand even better if you travel there and visit. The Di Filippo winery is situated in Cannara and nearby is Pian d’Arca.

They are convinced that high-quality grapes can only be produced by working with care and by showing respect for the principles and rhythms of nature and the soil. Only good-quality grapes will produce excellent wines.

In 2009, they introduced draught horses, because their treading the ground between the vines greatly reduces compacting of the soil compared with tractors, which inevitably destroy the soil structure and reduce its fertility. Today they work on 4Ha with horses and created special tools adapted to their vineyards by learning from the old local and Amish people. They also had the idea of cleaning and keeping the vineyards in check solely with the use of animals, so they implemented the use of geese. It takes between 80 and 100 geese to clear 1Ha of vineyard. They run free and feed on the grass that grows wild between the rows. Today, they have 400 geese on the 4 hectares. The geese, later on, produces delicious meet!

They produce DOCG Montefalco Sagrantino, DOC Montefalco Rosso, DOC Grechetto dei Colli Martani, and IGT wines. Working with Sagrantino, Spoletino, Grechetto, Cornetta, Sangiovese & Barbera.


All of the wines are great and even the Sagrantino ( the most tannic grape that exists), even the youngest ones were in the TOP 5 wines of all I tasted over a week. Always achieving a great balance. I had the opportunity to try some older wines that were also very lively and plenty of freshness.

Link to the Di Filippo winery – http://vinidifilippo.com/

He also talked about his side project – La Sapata – in Romania. I also really liked the wines he produces there. He explained that Romania is a country with a long tradition of wine production, and due to the rural lifestyle and little money people live with their it is easy to work organic as there is no money to buy chemicals.  It is a country with a fascinating history and a splendid landscape with amazing vineyards. Nature in the Danube Delta has a magical quality for bonding man, the vineyard, and the countryside together for a perfect balance. This is why invested and decided to try this adventure.