The Loire Valley – such a splendid region to discover – for wine lovers, but there is also so much there – a great food culture, nice people, castles to visit, so many places to ride bikes, even in the middle of vineyards. The climate tends to be pretty good and helps keep freshness in the wines, as it is under the influence of the Atlantic and the Loire river.

A perfect spot for a weekend and holidays as it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is a 1000 Km wine route including 800 km of bike paths can spend a night at the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud or night at the Chateau de Chenonceau, take a walk in the vineyards, or in the massive underground wine cellars.

During the past weeks, I traveled there and I made a list of 10 great WHITE WINES to discover and taste:

These 2 whites were served during a splendid dinner, and they made quite a big impression:
Domaine Richou Les Rougeries Anjou 2010 –
Savennières Roches au Moines – Domaine au Moines 1992 –

Aged ones sure but I can tell you even the new and most recent vintages are awesome 🙂


This 3 wines tasted during other evenings:
Le Clos de Juchepie Chenin Sec Eddy & Milleine Oosterlinck-Bracke –
Domaine du Closel Savennieres Clos du Papillon –
Domaine De L’Ecu Orthogneiss Muscadet-Sèvre Et Maine –

3 stunning family wineries that are pioneer and great practitioners of organic and/or biodynamic farming.


I made this selection of 6 from the over 300 wines sampled:
Domaine de Noiré Amphora Chinon –
Domaine du Colombier Pinot Gris Demi-Sec Jean Yves Bretandeau IGP Val de Loire –
Domaine de la Paleine Préludes Saumur Blanc –
Château Gaudrelle Alexandre Monmousseau Turonien Vouvray –
DiVin Loire Touraine “Zeus” –
Manoir de la Tete Rouge Chapitre Saumur –

The Loire Valley as an outstanding terroir all related to the geology diversity
– Nantes area : volcanic rock of the Armorican Massif, gneiss, granite
– Anjou area : schist, chalk limestone
– Saumur and Touraine area : Tuffeau limestone, chalk-clay soils, sand and gravel
– Centre area : chalk-clay soils, sand and flint.
Here are a few facts for the curious:
– 1st wine-growing area of AOC white wines in France
– A great variety of dry, medium-dry and sweet white wines
– 3 main grapes : Melon de Bourgogne, Chenin and Sauvignon.
– Age worthy wines: wines that can be drunk young but which have the potential for aging.
– A multitude of well-known appellations: Muscadet, Pouilly Fumé, Sancerre, Vouvray…
The production of white wine represent 47% – a total of 200 Million bottles
– Loire is undoubtedly top producer of white AOP wines in France.

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